Hypnotherapy as the Perfect Preparation for Childbirth

Are you worried or stressed about the birthing experience? Is the worry of what’s coming up spoiling your excitement and enjoyment of the upcoming event?

Hypnosis has, for many years, been used during childbirth for achieving deep relaxation and pain relief. In recent times, it has become an increasingly popular option for women looking for ways to fully enjoy the natural birth experience whilst feeling safe, calm and confident.

Hypnotherapy will help you address any fears you or your partner may have about birth. Birthing with hypnosis will also help your birthing partner learn how to support you in a positive way.

According to Wikipedia:

 Brenda Cheyne from Wellington Hypnotherapy Center 

“The term hypnobirthing is used in the hypnotherapy and medical professions for the use of hypnosis or hypnotherapy in childbirth.

The movement started with the work of English obstetrician Grantly Dick-Read (1890 – 1959), and culminating in his book Childbirth without Fear, first published in 1942. The work was further developed by Jacqueline Vincent Priya , Michelle Leclaire O’Neill and later Marie Mongan in America. References to the work of Michel Odent also occur in Hypnobirthing material.

The use of hypnobirthing has become widely known among women and in obstetric units as an increasingly popular means of achieving a natural childbirth”.