About Brenda

Women birthing in their own special way has been and interest of mine since I asked myself the question after my first birth in 1965 “there must be a better way”

 Brenda Cheyne from Wellington Hypnotherapy Center

Hypnosis is that better way because it will help free any fears and help you tune into what you want. Providing you with the ability to relax instantly.

I have attended 13 births and had three natural births. I am now a Grandmother and when I became a hypnotherapist and discovered how hypnosis can be used to help your state of mind and sooth pain, I was fascinated.

I work as a private practitioner in Wellington.

Advanced Dip in Hypnotherapy

Professional member NZAPH

B.A. Women’s Studies and Sociology.

Certified practitioner in NLP

I specialise in the aftermath of trauma.

I have listened to many hundreds of stories since 1981. Stories of past hurts and been witness to many people making wonderful changes in their lives.

I know everyone has the answers within themselves.

Everyone is unique.